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A sasaeng who found out Heechul’s phone number called him one day…


Fan: Opp…
Heechul:  YAH!!!!
Fan: ……yes?
Heechul: Do you know what time it is right now?!
Fan: 3 a.m……
Heechul: Should I be asleep or not?!
Fan: You should…..
Heechul: So, will I be tired if I talk on the phone with you at this hour or not?!
Fan: You would……
Heechul: Then do you have to hang up the phone or not?!
Fan: I should……
Heechul: If you got it, then hang up. Call back in the morning ㅡㅡ 

That was the end of the call.

Source: Pann.Nate  Page 4

Shindong Had High Fever

  • [News Trans] During MBC "Shim Shim Ta Ppa" Radio, Shindong had a high fever, and was unable to continue DJing. His members rushed to MBC to take his place. Sungmin even had Musical "Jack the Ripper" schedule that day, but rushed to the studio, looking like he just woke up, and took the DJ seat. Eunhyuk and Donghae, who also had a schedule to go to Japan that day, rushed to fill the spot too. First, when they received an SOS from Shindong, all members of Super Junior wanted to come, but the three that started earlier arrived, and the broadcast was able to finish well. Sohn HanSuh PD, who is in charge of ShimShimTaPpa Productions, said Despite their busy schedules, they rushed here. As expected from Super Junior members, who have close friendship. I was even more touched to hear that all the members wanted to come to help Shindong DJ." and thanked the members.
  • [Source : Naver | Trans: NKsubs]
To fans, I don’t want them to see me as an absolute existence, don’t want them to have their entire life revolving around me, spending money on me or doing things for me. If it’s too extreme, even if it’s not to support me, I hope you all can treasure your own lives. From there, you can sometimes look at my activities, treat my existence as vitamins, if you can do this for me, I will really be very happy.


one of my favorite quote..

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On this stage, on this brand new stage, how do we feel? All the good memories 5 years ago are back, that time is really beautiful
Kim Jaejoong in Tokyo Dome day 2. (via itsredocean)
We are working as Super Junior right now. I think if we were to do many activities apart for a long time, we would miss each other so much … because we are good friends.
Sungmin, Sukira 040213 (cr)

Things you never knew about Hankyung and Jaejoong.


1. When Hankyung first started living in Korea, because of his bad sense of direction he would frequently get lost. He said that everytime he found himself lost, he would call Jaejoong immediately and say, “Jaejoong-ah, I got lost again..” and every time Jaejoong would go to look for him right away and bring him home.

This was one of Hankyung’s greatest difficulties, and even till now (2008), he hasn’t changed much. During the time he was filming ‘Timeless’ MV, the staff already told him which directions the cameras were situated, and told him to avoid those areas, and Hankyung nodded ferverently. But when the filming started, he would end up looking towards the wrong direction, and hit his head.

Jaejoong said that if he hears that Hankyung’s “zero sense of direction” sickness hasn’t gotten better still, he’ll definitely burst out laughing, or feel really heartbroken.

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270313 Sukira excerpt: Popular SJ


Sungmin and Ryeowook kept complaining that the guest didn’t go to watch their concert, so the guest felt a little guilty. But then Ryeowook suddenly said, “It’s okay, we didn’t have any extra tickets left anyway~”

(Cr: Gami; Trans: minniestarrr)

SS5 Presscon:

  • Eunhyuk: We definitely know what kinds of performances our fans want
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Celebrities and fans will grow old together. One day Super Junior and ELF will become parents. Let’s make an agreement, in the future Kim Heechul will be the same as now, I will still be pelvic thrusting and crossdressing, just like what I do now, please support me. Please look forward to Super Junior’s senior performance in 30 years.

Heechul (Youngstreet)

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[130313] Radio Star

“Since the label is becoming so big, they sometimes have no choice but to pay less and less attention to us. So sometimes I’m a little jealous of the smaller labels. I keep thinking that Super Junior could be put on the back burner for their other interests. - Kyuhyun (c)

Star1 Interview w/ Kyuhyun dating cut

  • S1: What is something that's negative about being a celebrity?
  • KH: I can't date anyone
  • S1: Isn't it "dating in secret" not "can't date" ?
  • KH: I have never dated anyone before.
  • S1: Do you not have many chances to see other celebrities?
  • KH: I dislike meeting with celebrities so i have no dating experience.
  • Cr: NKSubs
A guy who can cook is cooler than a girl who can cook.
Yunho (MBC JBJ talk)

Kangin's speech at Golden Disk ♥

  • Kangin: This is the third daesang for SJ. But this is the first time I receive it together on the stage.
My last kiss with a girl was several years ago…with a guy, it was 2 days ago.
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  • Heechul: Being hungry really can make someone want to cry. So in case I cry in shows, everyone must know, ah, Kim Hee Chul is hungry.
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