i want to give you your favourite ice cream
white vanilla cream

Pauline, 88liner, sg, elf & cassie, dbsjyj, ot20. heechul & jaejoong rule my heart, mind & soul. other biases: yunho, kyu, shisus & db5k boys. hanchul, 83line, sichul, sihanchul, kyuchul, wonkyu, changkyu, hyuksu, yunjae, soulmate, yoosu but nothing comes close to heechulxheebum and jaejoongxjiji (

sweet Ming hyung helping Donghae tie his shoelace (人´∀`*)

sungmin making fun of donghae’s cute fail ㅋ


Shindong looks like a father who’s fixing his 5yrs old son uniform before going to school.

Kyuhyun introducing Sungmin (not complete) [c]

Reporter Question: Which idol has the best lips?

All: Micky Yoochun.

Donghae: We lived in the drom together… blah blah

Hyukjae: You guys kissed before

Donghae: What the…

Kyuhyun whines about how Sungmin asks them if they’ve eaten in a cold manner then he demands Sungmin to ask cutely next time. (c)


#how his face changes from fluffy as fuck to motherfucking badass

siwon’s wig falls off.. and a catfight ensues 。゚(TヮT)゚。

typical wonkyu: siwon’s failed conquest documented


 c: Stacy_好好赫偶幫是心肝寶貝


c: Stacy_好好赫偶幫是心肝寶貝


[130602-FANACC-SS5INA] Although KangMin don’t talk much but KangMin kept standing side by side. Kangin kept walking to Sungmin’s direction, standing next to him, and walking together.

cr: IDevina

what is super junior to you? (x)

Goddess HyunMin

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