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The shit Super Junior says: Part 2 - SNL Version

cr: haebang

cr: haebang

Super Junior without our leader is just like shoes without insoles.
Eunhyuk  (via kyuclam)

cr. @lynchae1106

cr. @lynchae1106

sorry sorry’s best outfits. (´・ω・)

Expectation vs Reality: Yesung & Underwear.

120716 fansigning fan account with kyuhyun


Fan : When you were filming 쨕 (Couple)*, what did you put in your chest?

Kyuhyun: Pad

Fan: Pad?

Kyuhyun : Fleecy thing, cushion, like pillow

*from SNL Korea that SJ appeared in.

source: 술래, trans by choidings, take out with full and proper credit

I have a longer urethra than most people
Kyuhyun on SNL Korea (via gaexo)
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"I guess...men can't help themselves"

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