i want to give you your favourite ice cream
white vanilla cream

Pauline, 88liner, sg, elf & cassie, dbsjyj, ot20. heechul & jaejoong rule my heart, mind & soul. other biases: yunho, kyu, shisus & db5k boys. hanchul, 83line, sichul, sihanchul, kyuchul, wonkyu, changkyu, hyuksu, yunjae, soulmate, yoosu but nothing comes close to heechulxheebum and jaejoongxjiji (

typical wonkyu: siwon’s failed conquest documented


has someone been watching too much japanese porn?

mc kyuhyun can finally stop worrying about his position on radio star.

donghae wrote a letter to heechul… using a piece of paper from the sukira script.

Guess who’s due next for Intimate Note?

are you sure?

changmin is never wrong.
【翻译 / 制频:smokycross @ TWINSHINKI】

siwon addressed changmin as changmin-nim.

the difference between an interview with jung and chami.

junsu-san is still kawaii.

leader-nim’s message for yesung.

if you can’t beat them, join them.

the state of heechul’s loneliness when the members are away for ss5 south america.

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