i want to give you your favourite ice cream
white vanilla cream

Pauline, 88liner, sg, elf & cassie, dbsjyj, ot20. heechul & jaejoong rule my heart, mind & soul. other biases: yunho, kyu, shisus & db5k boys. hanchul, 83line, sichul, sihanchul, kyuchul, wonkyu, changkyu, hyuksu, yunjae, soulmate, yoosu but nothing comes close to heechulxheebum and jaejoongxjiji (

SiWon really does love me. He loves touching me and always asks me to kiss him and hug him. One day he said seriously “KyuHyun-ah~ you know hyung loves you right?” and then he asked me “In what ranking do you love me?”. So I said “Umh, I think I love you about third?” and he asked me “You’re my favorite, why am I not your first!?”
KyuHyun (Strong Heart)